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Ewige Schlangenkraft > Pink Fragments
Ewige Schlangenkraft - Pink Fragments
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Pink Fragments

Ewige Schlangenkraft

Release date:
November 9th, 2019
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Negate Everything
None yet
1. Zone of Nothing 01:52   Show lyrics
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2. Quivering Limbs of God 02:39   Show lyrics
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3. Pink Fragments (The Adamical Tree) 04:36   instrumental
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4. Abgeschiedenheit 02:16   Show lyrics
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5. Withering Pink Fragments (The City of Cain) 02:28   instrumental
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6. White Hand Stretching Dead Time 01:31   Show lyrics
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7. Life Was a Bad Dream 04:12   instrumental
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This EP is inspired by the writings of philosopher Gerhard Reich, neuroscientist P.H. Craddock and the 25th incarnation of the great monk Yellow Moon.

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