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Evil Force / God of Lies > Bestial Thrash Apocalypse
Evil Force / God of Lies - Bestial Thrash Apocalypse
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Bestial Thrash Apocalypse

Evil Force / God of Lies

Release date:
February 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
None yet
1. God of Lies - Intro - God of Lies 04:16  
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2. God of Lies - Unleash the Beast 03:17  
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3. God of Lies - Metal Breed 03:20  
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4. God of Lies - Winds of Destruction 02:26   instrumental
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5. Evil Force - Unleash Your Fury 03:14   Show lyrics
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6. Evil Force - Army of the Night 05:37   Show lyrics
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7. Evil Force - Command of Pain (Live) 03:42   Show lyrics
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8. Evil Force - Apocalipsis (Rawhide cover) 05:21  
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Evil Force
Bernie Marecos Bass
Marcelo Nightlord Guitars (lead)
Matias EvilFist Drums
Fernando SteelForce Vocals
Esteban Alderete Guitars (rhythm)
God of Lies
Esteban Sánchez Vocals (lead), Bass
Jorge E. Ceballos Drums
Jaider Mejía Guitars, Vocals
Juan Pablo Arroyave Guitars
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A videoclip was made for the song
"God of Lies"

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