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Evil Attack / Paganfire > United by Thrash and Beer II
Evil Attack / Paganfire - United by Thrash and Beer II
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Ripping Your Face
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Warlock Moon / Paganfire

United by Thrash and Beer II

Evil Attack / Paganfire

Release date:
June 2006
Catalog ID:
KV-R 007 / ATTACK+007+
Version desc.:
Limited edition
KuravilĂș Productions
666 copies
None yet
Side A - Fire
1. Paganfire - Pagkakamali Ng Panahon  
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2. Paganfire - Glorious Arson  
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3. Paganfire - Metal Thrashing Militants  
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4. Paganfire - Hate Vanishing Point  
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Side B - Evil
5. Evil Attack - Pedophilic Clergy  
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6. Evil Attack - A Chapter of Chile  
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7. Evil Attack - Ascending to Power  
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8. Evil Attack - Puma  
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Evil Attack
Jose Luis Fernandez Vocals, Guitars
Jose Gutierrez Bass
Alvaro Neira Drums
Nonoy Padrejuan Vocals, Guitars
Rowell Baluyot Guitars
Jay Roco Drums
Alvaro Martin Jr. Bass, Vocals
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Co-released with Rawblackult Productions.


Recording information:

Song 1-4 originally rleased as "Mabangis! Marahas!" Demo 2004
Recorded live at Paganfire's rehearsal session in May 18, 2004
Mixed & Edited by Metal Havoc Records

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