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Etsicroxe > Live in Avesnes-les-Aubert
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Live in Avesnes-les-Aubert


Release date:
December 9th, 1989
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Intro/No Escape to the Chaos 03:30  
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2. Into the Crematorium 03:32  
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3. Beyond the Atrocity 02:17  
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4. Damnations 03:09  
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5. Deceiver (Napalm Death cover) 00:42   Show lyrics
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6. Haunted 03:36  
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7. The Infernal Experimentation 03:14  
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8. Apocalyptic Dream 04:21  
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9. Thy Necrology 02:24  
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This was released as a split live tape with Scrotum, first band of Hervé Coquerel, future drummer of Loudblast. Then the members of Etsicroxe went on to form Supuration which became S.U.P. (Spherical Unit Provided) and Hervé Coquerel again through the years. The actual S.U.P. bassist comes from Forlorn Emotion (an album out) a gothic thrash metal band which developped into Division Alpha (three albums out). Ludovic Loez also played in Putrid Offal (an album out), which turned into M-Pheral (named after Supuration's song "Empheral Paradise"), an industrial metal band (a MCD, "Lies" and an album out).

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