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Narkan / Eternal Exhumation > The Spawn Split into Two Demons
Narkan / Eternal Exhumation - The Spawn Split into Two Demons
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The Spawn Split into Two Demons

Narkan / Eternal Exhumation

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Mythic Metal Productions
None yet
1. Eternal Exhumation - Black Hordes 03:35   Show lyrics
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2. Eternal Exhumation - Woman Pestilence 03:19   Show lyrics
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3. Eternal Exhumation - In the Shades of Averno 03:10   Show lyrics
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4. Eternal Exhumation - World Destruction Inc. 02:12   Show lyrics
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5. Eternal Exhumation - Megaslaughter 02:55   Show lyrics
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6. Narkan - F.O.B. 02:02   Show lyrics
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7. Narkan - Your World Is Gone 02:13   Show lyrics
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8. Narkan - Fuck 'Em All 01:14   Show lyrics
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9. Narkan - I Used My Hammer on You and I Loved It 03:35   Show lyrics
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10. Narkan - Intoxicated, Raped and Entombed 02:12   Show lyrics
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11. Narkan - Birth of Ignorance (Brutal Truth cover) 03:31  
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Jouvet Bass
Maniacal Drums
Infecto Guitars
Dr. Gonzales Vocals
Eternal Exhumation
Jano Hernández Bass
David Suchero Drums
Giovanni Lama Guitars
Israel Beltran Guitars, Vocals
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Released between Mythic Metal Productions and War Chaos Music.

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