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Eterna Penumbra > Nuestra vacía existencia
Eterna Penumbra - Nuestra vacía existencia
Eterna Penumbra discography (all)
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Nuestra vacía existencia

Eterna Penumbra

Release date:
November 4th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Egg of Nihilism Productions
300 copies
1 review (avg. 80%)
1. Un viaje hacia el abismo 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. Nuestra vacía existencia 03:46   Show lyrics
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3. Vientos funerarios 04:45   Show lyrics
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4. Desde mi alma perdida 04:31   Show lyrics
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5. Destructor de vidas humanas 04:36   Show lyrics
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6. Revelación 04:54   Show lyrics
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7. Perversa obra 03:51   Show lyrics
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8. Desolación 03:56   Show lyrics
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Mortem Drums
Lúgubre Guitars, Bass
Flagelante Vocals
Read standard Black Metal works... 80% gerrobbo April 30th, 2011

Music & lyrics by Eterna Penumbra.

Cd format out later.

Recording information:

Recorded in september 2010.

Released in tape by Egg of Nihilism Productions in november 2010.

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