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Epoch > At the Mountains of Madness
Epoch - At the Mountains of Madness
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At the Mountains of Madness


Release date:
April 27th, 2006
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 75%)
1. Part 1:The Mountains of Madness Pt.1 04:18   Show lyrics
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2. The Eternal Champion 02:36   Show lyrics
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3. Out of the Silent Planet 04:28   Show lyrics
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4. The Dunwhich Horror 04:02   Show lyrics
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5. Berashith 05:25   Show lyrics
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6. Interlude 01:56  
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7. Part 2: The Revenge of Shub Niggerath 03:33   Show lyrics
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8. The Tower of Babalon 01:56   Show lyrics
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9. Saturn 3 03:00  
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10. Why Can't Somebody Love Me? (The Edgar Broughton Band cover) 04:18   Show lyrics
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11. Outro 02:22  
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12. TMOM Pt.2: The Frozen Catacombs of Insanity 02:52   Show lyrics
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Read Two faces of the same band. 75% oneyoudontknow March 15th, 2010

Another compilation CD recorded in 2 parts:The first consisting of 5 classic Epoch tracks re-recorded with a much improved production job.The second part consisting of all the tracks from the now delated "Black Goat" EP along with some new previously unreleased material.
The concept of the CD is based upon the mythos of HP.Lovecraft and the system of Enochian Magick Occultism. The CD is a talisman to spread the propoganda of the Lords of Light, highly evolved transcendental beings concerned with the evolution of mankind under the formula of the New Aeon now dawning; that of Thelema which is to say, "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Love is the Law,Love Under Will."

Part I: Tracks 1-5
Recorded at Einstein Studios Co. Antrim, Ireland, Winter 2005.
Produced and engineered by Frank Mc. Clay and Epoch

Part II: Tracks 6-12
Recorded at Wanye's Basement Co. Down, Ireland, Summer 2005
Produced and Enigeered by Epoch

Cover Artwork (The Messenger) by Alfred Floki
Cover Photography by Kat+Stu.

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