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Monkey Puss: Live in London


Live album
Release date:
November 17th, 1999
Catalog ID:
Earache Records
2 reviews (avg. 56%)
1. Living Dead 06:02   Show lyrics
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2. Revel in Flesh 03:44   Show lyrics
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3. Stranger Aeons 03:57   Show lyrics
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4. Crawl 05:32   Show lyrics
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5. But Life Goes On 02:52   Show lyrics
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6. Sinners Bleed 04:42   Show lyrics
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7. Evilyn 04:58   Show lyrics
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8. The Truth Beyond 03:37   Show lyrics
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9. Drowned 03:56  
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10. Left Hand Path 07:32   Show lyrics
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Read Once a bootleg, always a... 40% autothrall January 30th, 2010
Read “LEFT HAND!” * “PATH!” * 71% OzzyApu May 21st, 2009

Recorded on London '92, during the Gods of Grind tour. This album originally was a bootleg, but the sound was so good that Earache decided to release as a live album. EDIT "the sound was so good..." was the Earache version as Entombed always considered this album being a bootleg and an UNofficiale release. Earache took the decision on their own to release it in order to complete Entombed's contractual obligations when they left on to form their very own label: Threeman.

Originally released on cd and VHS.
The VHS version includes the following videoclips:
Left Hand Path
Stranger Aeons
Wolverine Blues
Night of the Vampire
Released on DVD in 2001

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