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Enshadowed > In the Beginning
Enshadowed - In the Beginning
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Stare into the Abyss

In the Beginning


Release date:
November 15th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited Metal Case CD edition
Cryptia Productions
50 copies
None yet
1. A Coffin in the Catacombs of Voidness 05:48  
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2. From a Carnal to a Spiritual Fist 05:23  
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3. Jesus Christ Cage 09:24  
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4. Realm Eternal (Intro) 00:31   instrumental
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5. Cremation Odes 04:30  
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6. Immortal Spirits of Hell 03:39  
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7. The Magical Revival 03:49  
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8. Damnation (Outro) 01:49  
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9. Into the Fire (Intro) 00:44   instrumental
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10. Warrior 04:13  
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11. Ancient Funeral 04:46  
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12. March of the Black Forces 03:48  
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13. Dethroned 05:36  
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N.e.c.r.o Guitars
Lord Acheron Bass, Keyboards
Impaler Drums
Grahelm Drums
Noctural Vocals
Draenzarth Bass
Drakhon Vocals
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This compilation includes the three demos of the band under the name "Nocternity Enshadowed" + the first demo tape "Dethroned" under the name Sacrificial.

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