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Energema > Eternal War
Energema - Eternal War
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Eternal War


Release date:
October 1st, 2018
Catalog ID:
MR 171-18
Metalism Records
None yet
1. Calling the Heroes (Overture) 01:22   instrumental
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2. Sands of Time 03:36  
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3. Eternal War 04:02  
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4. Wings of the Wind 04:51  
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5. The Mystery of the Seven Princes 01:07   instrumental
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6. The Golden Eagle 04:25  
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7. The Circle of Fire 05:17  
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8. Persida and the Red Dragon 05:09  
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9. The King of Glory 05:32  
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10. The Hidden Book 04:50   instrumental
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Camilo Duarte Bass
Jeff Castro Guitars (rhythm)
Nicolas Waldo Guitars
Leandro Arias Drums
David Solano Vocals
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Includes a 12-page booklet and a double sided under-tray insert.

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