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Live Necroism

Empheris / Warfist

Release date:
December 19th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Total Death'zine
None yet
1. Empheris - Live Necroism 31:29  
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2. Warfist - Live Necroism 42:05  
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Vit Guitars
Bonif Bass
Adrian Vocals
Wojt Drums
Wrath Bass, Vocals
HellVomit Guitars, Vocals
Infernal Deflorator Drums
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On release there is only one track per band, but it contains the record of particular tracks played in a set by both bands.

Tracklists are listed below :

Empheris :
1. Antichrist
2. Crematoria
3. As I Reach for Hell
4. A Twilight of the Ancient Victories
5. Valley of Nifelheim
6. Unleashed to Destroy
7. The Arcana's of Orion's Mysticism
8. Angels without Wings

Warfist :
1. Tormentor Infernal (Witchmaster cover)
2. Warfist
3. HellTyrant Rising
4. Blackmass Ritual
5. Speed Metal War
6. Angels' Scream
7. Night of the Wicked Ones
8. Goatcocksucker
9. 1999: Karmakeddon Warriors (Impaled Nazarene cover)
10. Thrash Through the Night
11. The Heretik
12. Alcoholic Raids
13. Too Old, Too Cold (Darkthrone Cover)
14. Remember the Fallen (Sodom cover)

Vocals on Warfist's initial track by Witchfucker aka Ronve.

Recording information:

Recorded live at Metal Cave 26.04.2008
Edited and mastered at Pyramid Studio Warsaw, October 2008.

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