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Eminence > The God of All Mistakes
Eminence - The God of All Mistakes
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The God of All Mistakes

The God of All Mistakes


Release date:
April 20th, 2008
Catalog ID:
LM 601
Locomotive Records
2 reviews (avg. 58%)
1. The God of All Mistakes 02:31   Show lyrics
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2. Resistance 04:07  
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3. Day 7 04:07   Show lyrics
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4. Devil's Boulevard 02:30  
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Undermind 04:01  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Injected Lies 04:47  
  (loading lyrics...)
7. Written in Dust 03:34  
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8. Snake Beat 03:50   Show lyrics
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9. Stainer 03:39   Show lyrics
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10. Enemy Inside 04:08   Show lyrics
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Band members
André Márcio Drums
Alan Wallace Bello Guitars
Rico Bass
Wallace Parreiras Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Tue Madsen Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Tue Madsen Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Read Eminence - The God of All... 65% ThrashManiacAYD August 31st, 2009
Read Slipknot-laden Gold, or... 50% GuntherTheUndying August 1st, 2008

After writing and composing an important part of the material for this album, Jairo Guedz decided to leave the band before finishing it.

Before leaving the band, bass players Rodrigo Nunes and Thiago Correa wrote and composed material for the album.

Release dates:
Europe - March 21st 2008 (via Locomotive Records Europe)
USA & Canada - May 21st 2008 (via Locomotive Records USA)
Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan - May 21st 2008 (via Locomotive/Spiritual Beast/Universal Music)
Brasil - May 2008 (via Fanaction/Voice Music)

Two demo songs, both with Jairo Guedz on bass, have been posted online at their Myspace: "Written in Dust (demo)" (Nov. 3, 2005) and "Enemy Inside (demo)" (Jan. 18, 2006).

A new version of the song "The God of All Mistakes", featuring vocalist Bruno Paraguay, was posted free for download on their official website.

"Undermind", "The God of All Mistakes (new singer)" and "Day 7" tracks cand be downloaded for free on SoundCloud.

Two videos were made for "Day 7" and "The God of All Mistakes".

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