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Embrace of Thorns > Darkness Impenetrable
Embrace of Thorns - Darkness Impenetrable
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Morbid Exaltations

Darkness Impenetrable

Embrace of Thorns

Release date:
November 7th, 2014
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Picture disc
Nuclear War Now! Productions
12" vinyl
100 copies
1 review (avg. 60%)
Side A
1. Of Morbid Existentialism & Unholy Sorrow 02:58   Show lyrics
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2. Sons of Fire & Brimstone Levitate! 04:26   Show lyrics
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3. My Hermetic Quest for Thy Blackest Temple 04:05   Show lyrics
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4. Darkness Impenetrable 06:00   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Erect Bloodstained Totems 04:07   Show lyrics
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6. At the Antipodes of Chastity (Hail the Sons of Cain) 03:51   Show lyrics
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7. I Die Therefore I Exist 05:14   Show lyrics
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8. Charon's Ride over Wasteland 04:03   Show lyrics
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9. Der grausame Aspekt der menschlichen Wirklichkeit 01:19  
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10. Aiwass Arisen 02:46   Show lyrics
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Read Darkness Impenetrable 60% H_P Buttcraft September 16th, 2015

Originally was released at Nuclear War Now! festival as a part of limited picture disc series.

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed & mastered Winter 2014 at Eleventh Tower studios. Engineered by Herald of Demonic Pestilence.

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