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Golden Disc
BMG Malaysia
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1. Dua Insan Bercinta (versi rock) - Duet bersama Amy  
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2. Takdir  
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3. Penggoda  
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4. Tak Ingin Kesunyian  
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5. Engkau Yang Masih Ku Sayang  
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6. Perwira  
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7. Meniti Liku Sepi  
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8. Aku Tak Bersalah  
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9. Cinta Berakhir  
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10. Ulat Bulu  
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11. Persanan Terakhir  
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12. Anak Merdeka  
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13. Catatan Tika Rindu  
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14. Pahlawan Jalan Raya  
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15. Hanya Secebis Jawapan  
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16. Dua Insan Bercinta (versi alternative)  
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This album is actually a re-release of the songs of Ella and the Boys, with the other band members not credited in the production. With the exception of the re-recording of Dua Insan Bercinta as a duet with Amy Search all the other songs are old songs produced in the 1980's re-recorded using old Ella singing voice mixed with new recording of music and vocal parts from Amy Search. The musician on the new recording was not credited.

Limited Gold CD edition. The front cover was actually made from blue denim cloth with woven gold thread used. Later a normal paper inlay version(with the cover depicting the same dark blue jeans image was also reissued with a normal CD


Barcode: 7 43214 60432 8

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