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InsideOut Music
1 review (avg. 95%)
1. Ghoulish Gift 06:52   Show lyrics
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2. The Last Embrace 06:42   Show lyrics
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3. Lord of an Empty Place 05:28   Show lyrics
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4. Sometimes in Winter 06:18   Show lyrics
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5. At the Restless Sea 07:02   Show lyrics
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6. Salome's Dance 05:27   Show lyrics
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7. Erase 06:08   Show lyrics
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8. The Quest(ion) 05:28   Show lyrics
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9. Clockwork Bed 05:29   Show lyrics
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10. Dawn of the Dying 06:29   Show lyrics
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Band members
Eugene Simone Guitars
Terence Holler Vocals
Martin Kyhn Bass
Adriano Dal Canto Drums
Oleg Smirnoff Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Luca Bechelli Engineering, Mixing
Oleg Smirnoff Artwork
Luca Bechelli Engineering, Mixing
Oleg Smirnoff Artwork
Read Load universe into guitar.... 95% failsafeman June 10th, 2015

Headquake is dedicated to the memory of Luigi Tarantola (1940-1995).

Produced and © 1997 InsideOut Music.
All Songs written, arranged and produced by Eldritch.
All Songs published by Limb Music Publishing, Germany.

Cover concept, front cover and tray-card artwork by Oleg Smirnoff.
Sleeve design and additional artwork by Kohlbecher & Partner Digital Design.
Photos by Omnia Photo, Cecina (LI).

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at K&K Officina Studios, Livorno, Italy, between May and July 1996.
Vocals for "Lord of an Empty Place" recorded and mixed at Alfa Recording Studios, Rome, Italy, October 1996.

Engineered by Luca Bechelli.
Mixed by Luca Bechelli and Eldritch.
Guitar sound engineer: Dario Cappanera.
Mastered at Top Master, Paris, France.


Barcode: 4001617282823

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