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Ekove Efrits / Bard Brann > Key to the Kingdom of Shadows
Ekove Efrits / Bard Brann - Key to the Kingdom of Shadows
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Key to the Kingdom of Shadows

Ekove Efrits / Bard Brann

Release date:
August 13th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Midwinter Records
500 copies
None yet
1. Bard Brann - The Opening (intro) 01:04  
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2. Bard Brann - The Living Lie 03:22  
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3. Bard Brann - Light upon Light 05:01  
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4. Bard Brann - Aadi Al Insaan (Enemy of Mankind) 04:29  
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5. Bard Brann - Remembrance (The Seas Overflow with the Tears of Those Left Behind) 02:02  
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6. Bard Brann - My Concubine 03:50  
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7. Ekove Efrits - Sunken on the Sea of Nihility (Intro) 05:34  
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8. Ekove Efrits - Depression Philosophy 07:30  
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9. Ekove Efrits - Tears of the Cold Winter 05:40  
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10. Ekove Efrits - Whispers of Suicide 06:23  
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11. Ekove Efrits - From the Mournful Soul 07:52  
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12. Ekove Efrits - Whispers of Death 08:07  
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13. Ekove Efrits - At the Way of Slaughterhouse (Outro) 04:41  
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Ekove Efrits
Count De Efrit All instruments, Vocals
Bard Brann
Bard Brann All instruments, Vocals
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Light Upon Light, is missing the vocals to the final 30 seconds of music. This is a printing error that is being addressed by the manufacturer

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