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LEP 072
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1. Meine tote russische Freundin 03:56   Show lyrics
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2. Im Reich der Fleischlichkeit 04:48   Show lyrics
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3. Deutschland in Flammen 04:08   Show lyrics
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4. 13 04:22   Show lyrics
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5. Dein Blut 07:03   Show lyrics
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6. Zyklus Farbenfinsternis Kapitel 1: Vorboten 05:18   Show lyrics
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7. Zyklus Farbenfinsternis Kapitel 2: Angst wird Fleisch 05:44   Show lyrics
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8. Zyklus Farbenfinsternis Kapitel 3: Schatten im Verstand 04:23   Show lyrics
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9. Zyklus Farbenfinsternis Kapitel 4: Mein Reich komme 04:30   Show lyrics
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10. Zyklus Farbenfinsternis Kapitel 5: Farbenfinsternis 04:34   Show lyrics
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11. Ein Jahr im Leben des Todes 04:25   Show lyrics
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12. Born Dead (Death cover) 02:41   Show lyrics
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Yantit Drums
Bursche Lenz Guitars
Berg Morbach Bass
2T Viola
Blutkehle Vocals
Read Morbidity combined with... 95% Shadespawn September 20th, 2008
Read Just plain goofy 12% Napero December 17th, 2007

- Re-released in 2002 by Irond Records.
- Re-released in 2007 by Massacre Records.

Track 12 is only part of the limited digipack first edition and the russian re-release.

The sample at the beginning of "Deutschland in Flammen" was taken from the movie "Dawn of the Dead" (also known as "Zombie" in Germany).


Barcode: 5413356787221
Distribution-Id: CD. 5.7072.20.561

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