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Echoterra > Land of the Midnight Sun
Echoterra - Land of the Midnight Sun
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Land of the Midnight Sun


Release date:
October 17th, 2011
Catalog ID:
BFR 1308
Blinding Force Recordings
1 review (avg. 87%)
1. After the Rain 04:13   Show lyrics
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2. The Best Is Yet to Come 04:35   Show lyrics
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3. Midnight Sun 04:16   Show lyrics
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4. The Ghost Within My Heart 03:34   Show lyrics
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5. All the Lies 04:12   Show lyrics
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6. Unleash the Flood 03:58   Show lyrics
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7. A Different Story 03:24   Show lyrics
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8. Welcome My Friend of Misery 04:20   Show lyrics
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9. Memories of Another Time 04:09   Show lyrics
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10. From the Gutter to the Throne 04:50   Show lyrics
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11. Genes of Isis 06:24   Show lyrics
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12. Sounds of the Sun (non music track) 13:13   instrumental
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Adam Sagan (R.I.P. 2016) Drums
Yan Leviathan Guitars, Bass
Jonah Weingarten Keyboards
Melissa "Missy" Ferlaak Vocals
Read Scandinavia comes to... 87% hells_unicorn June 10th, 2017


Barcode: 798576554521

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