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As Shadows Burn

Echoes of Eternity

Release date:
September 22nd, 2009
Catalog ID:
NB 2329-2
Nuclear Blast
4 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Ten of Swords 03:55   Show lyrics
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2. A Veiled Horizon 03:44   Show lyrics
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3. Memories of Blood and Gold 03:46   Show lyrics
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4. The Scarlet Embrace 04:10   Show lyrics
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5. Descent of a Blackened Soul 05:19   Show lyrics
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6. Twilight Fires 04:07   Show lyrics
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7. Buried Beneath a Thousand Dreams 04:20   Show lyrics
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8. Letalis Deus 03:33   Show lyrics
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9. Funeral in the Sky 07:13   instrumental
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Band members
Duane Cowan Bass
Francine Boucher Vocals
Brandon Patton Guitars
Bryan Eagle Guitars
Kirk Carrison Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Lucas Banker Co-producer
Gustavo Sazes Cover art
Logan Mader Mixing, Producer
Lucas Banker Co-producer
Gustavo Sazes Cover art
Logan Mader Mixing, Producer
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Read Fresher and a bit fiercer. 83% hells_unicorn April 28th, 2012
Read Second effort an... 65% TrooperOfSteel July 13th, 2011
Read A More Honest Release 94% FOrbIDen February 16th, 2011

Recording information:

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Locan Mader.
Co-produred by Lucas Banker.

Recorded at The Lair and at Dirty Icon studios, Los Angeles, CA.


EAN: 727361232924

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