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Elevation into Disintegration


Release date:
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Grindhead Records
3 reviews (avg. 50%)
1. Blood Tapped Skull 02:09   Show lyrics
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2. Elevation into Disintegration 03:09   Show lyrics
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3. Human Error 01:38   Show lyrics
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4. Straight Edgetasy 00:41   Show lyrics
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5. Queens of the Scene Age 02:03   Show lyrics
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6. Work Forced 02:22   Show lyrics
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7. Foetal Grindings 03:45   Show lyrics
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8. Rape of Sanity 02:02   Show lyrics
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9. Queer Eye for the Metrosexual 02:32   Show lyrics
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Bubsy Vocals
Berchual Guitars
Glennos Guitars
Stiffi Bass
Chewy Drums
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Backup vocals by Burchual and Stiffi
Additional vocals on track 5 by Todd Daly
All music and lyrics by Ebolie
All artwork by Mark Rasmussen
Band photos by Steven Finnegan
Ebolie logo by Danny Perversion

Recording information:

Recorded at Mabob Studios between 27/11/03 - 09/01/04.
Mixed and engineered by Brenden Gloag and Ebolie.
Mastered at Studios 301 by Steve Smart.

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