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Earthenwomb > She Is Condemned
Earthenwomb - She Is Condemned
Earthenwomb discography (misc)
The Rhine
Earthenwomb discography (all)
The Rhine

She Is Condemned


Release date:
April 10th, 2006
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. She Is Condemned 01:21   instrumental
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Kenneth Parker All instruments
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An ambient/minimalist track.

The following was posted on the the band's official MySpace as a companion reading to the track:

You have said that you wore and still wear man's dress at God's command and to His good pleasure, for you had instruction from God to wear this dress, and so you have put on a short tunic, jerkin, and hose with many points. You even wear your hair cut short above the ears, without keeping about you anything to denote your sex, save what nature has given you. And often you have in this apparel received the Sacrament of the Eucharist. And although you have many times been admonished to put it off, you would not, saying that you would rather die than put off this dress, unless it were God's command; and that if you were still in this dress and with those of your own party, it would be for the great welfare of France. You say also that nothing could persuade you to take an oath not to wear this dress and bear these arms; and for all this you plead divine command.

Regarding such matters, the clergy declare that you blaspheme against God, despising Him and His sacraments, that you transgress divine law, Holy Scripture and the canons of the Church, that you think evil and err from the faith, that you are full of vain boasting, that you are given to idolatry and worship yourself and your clothes, according to the customs of the heathen.

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