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Pentastar: In the Style of Demons


Release date:
July 23rd, 1996
Catalog ID:
SPCD 361
Sub Pop Records
3 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Introduction 05:15   instrumental
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2. High Command 05:50   Show lyrics
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3. Crooked Axis for String Quartet 05:29   instrumental
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4. Tallahassee 03:50   Show lyrics
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5. Charioteer (Temple Song) 04:17   instrumental
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6. Peace in Mississippi (Jimi Hendrix cover) 05:56   instrumental
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7. Sonar and Depth Charge 07:13   instrumental
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8. Coda Maestoso in F (flat) minor 05:19   instrumental
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Dylan Carlson Vocals, Guitars, Vibraphone, Piano
Ian Dickson Bass, Guitars
Sean McElligot Guitars
Michael Deming Organ
Michael McDaniel Drums
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