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E.F. Band > Their Finest Hours
E.F. Band - Their Finest Hours

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Live at the Mudd Club in Gothenburg 1983

Their Finest Hours

E.F. Band

Release date:
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Sweden Rock
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Disc 1
1. Last Laugh Is on You 03:15   Show lyrics
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2. Kids 05:16   Show lyrics
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3. Love Is for Heroes 03:48   Show lyrics
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4. Hard Liqueur and Women 04:12   Show lyrics
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5. Money Makin' Mama 04:48   Show lyrics
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6. Fight for Your Life 04:10   Show lyrics
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7. We're Back 05:05   Show lyrics
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8. Anything for You 06:50   Show lyrics
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9. Love Is a Game 02:54  
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10. Child of Innocence 03:37  
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11. Is Anybody There? 04:12  
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12. Sail Away 04:03  
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13. Tonight's Alright 03:30  
  (loading lyrics...)
14. Big Talker 02:51  
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15. Trinity 04:06  
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16. Through the Enemy Lines 07:25  
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17. Right on Time 03:00  
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Disc 2
1. Gimmy Just a Little Rock 'n' Roll 03:50  
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2. One Night Stand 03:52  
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3. Out in the Dark 03:10  
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4. Calling in the Night 03:30  
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5. Marie Rosa (Hungry for Love) 03:18  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Big Shot 02:56  
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7. Cold Heart of the City 05:52  
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Toll of the Bell 03:41  
  (loading lyrics...)
9. Self Made Suicide 03:20  
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Sister Syne 04:10  
  (loading lyrics...)
11. Devil's Eye 03:05  
  (loading lyrics...)
12. Comprende 03:28   instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
13. On the Run (Live) 03:38  
  (loading lyrics...)
14. Fighting for Rock 'n' Roll (Live) 04:02  
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15. The Last Laugh Is On You (Live) 08:04   Show lyrics
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16. Hard Hot and Heavy 03:44  
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17. Danger Zone 03:19  
  (loading lyrics...)
18. Remember You 03:37  
  (loading lyrics...)
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Tracks 01-08 on CD1 from the debut album "The Last Laugh Is On You".
Tracks 09-17 on CD1 from the 2nd album "Deep Cut".
Tracks 09 & 11 were written by Russ Ballard. Track 09 was previously released by fellow NWOBHM band Girl.

Tracks 01-08 on CD2 from the 3rd album "One Night Stand".
Tracks 09-10 on CD2 from the 1979 7" single "Self Made Suicide".
Tracks 11-12 on CD2 from the 1980 7" single "The Devils Eye"
Tracks 13-15 on CD2 are raw live tracks by the "Deep Cut" line-up.
Track 13 "On The Run" is a previously unreleased track written on the day before the live concert but never got recorded in the studio.
Track 14 "Fighting For Rock 'n' Roll" is a live version of the track that appeared on the Metal For Muthas LP.
Tracks 16-17 on CD2 are previously unreleased studio recordings from 1983 by the "Deep Cut" line-up.
Track 18 on CD2 is a song written, engineered, produced, and performed by John Ridge, lead singer on the "Deep Cut" album, as a tribute to Bengt Fischer (EF Band guitarist) who passed away on the 5th of April 2001 due to cancer. Unfortunately, John himself will never hear the finished product as he also was taken from us just before the release of this compilation by that same killer illness, cancer.

On the back cover and in the booklet of this release the tracks (09 & 10) Hard, Hot and Heavy & Danger Zone are placed before the 7" singles and the live tracks, but on the (2nd) CD itself, these two tracks are placed behind those on tracks 16 & 17.


Barcode: 7320470035696

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