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Dying Messiah > State of Paranoia
Dying Messiah - State of Paranoia

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Coughing Up Bloody Chunks

State of Paranoia

Dying Messiah

Release date:
January 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, CD-R
Pearls for Swine
None yet
1. Philosopher of the Dying World 02:45  
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2. Nothing Is Certain But Death 03:14  
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3. Rotting Sickness 03:32  
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4. The Gripping Hands of Addiction 02:18  
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5. Frail and Dying 05:52  
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6. Chemical Psychosis 02:18  
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7. Hatred for the Common Man 02:05  
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8. Kill on Sight 03:54  
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Richard Schierer All instruments, Vocals
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