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DunkelNacht > Gjennom Tidene Til Døde Guder
DunkelNacht - Gjennom Tidene Til Døde Guder
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Mass Grave / Dunkelnacht

Gjennom Tidene Til Døde Guder


Release date:
September 10th, 2006
Catalog ID:
No Obscurantism
None yet
1. Reisen 02:41  
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2. Decipimur Specie Recti 06:57  
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3. Sénescence 00:40  
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4. Atavisme 06:50  
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5. Shores of China 02:24  
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6. Climax of Mythologic Empires 07:21  
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7. Of Kingdoms and Skies 03:34  
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8. Anarchic and Temporal Chaos 07:20  
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9. Ascension to Nilfheim 03:05  
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10. Krystalized Nordic Palaces 02:03  
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11. Oskorei 07:10  
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12. The Threshold of Stormy Gates 05:16  
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13. Surfacing 01:04  
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14. Battlefield of Religions MCMXCIX 00:56  
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Heimdall Guitars (lead), Programmings
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This is the second episode of the ambient/orchestral trilogy of Heimdall (Tome II : The orchestral boundaries of time);
The first episode is "Das Leiden für die Ewigkeit".
"Gjennom Tidene Til Døde Guder" means "Through the Times of Dead Gods" in Norwegian.
Released in 2006 by No Obscurantism Records.

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