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Drudkh - Anti-Urban
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Release date:
April 16th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Orange/brown vinyl
Supernal Music
10" vinyl (45 RPM)
999 copies
10 reviews (avg. 65%)
Side A
1. Fallen into Oblivion 07:00   instrumental
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Side B
2. Ashes 06:25  
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Roman Saenko Guitars
Roman Blagih Vocals, Keyboards
Vlad Drums, Keyboards
Krechet Bass
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Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies, but according to the label, only 922 copies were made.

The first rip of the album to circulate around the Internet was taken incorrectly from a 33.3 RPM playing of the album. The album was intended to be played at 45 RPM and therefore the nine-minute-plus versions of tracks floating around the Internet are improperly ripped.

Re-released on CD with a different cover art as a part of the "Microcosmos" limited edition boxed set by Season of Mist.

Recording information:

Recorded in August 2006 at AudioAlchemia, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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