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Drowned in Blood > The Warfare Continues
Drowned in Blood - The Warfare Continues
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Impalement of the Mankind

The Warfare Continues

Drowned in Blood

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American Line Productions
1 review (avg. 87%)
1. Warfare Graves 06:39   Show lyrics
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2. Brutal Execution 04:02   Show lyrics
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3. Grind Down... Enemies 03:57   Show lyrics
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4. Born To Kill 04:54   Show lyrics
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5. Warlike Cannibalism 03:35   Show lyrics
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6. Fire Discipline 05:36   Show lyrics
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7. Troops of Chaos 06:26   Show lyrics
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Read Really good Mexican... 87% Noktorn April 1st, 2009

Line up on this recording:
Antonio Farfan- Bass Guitar
Troll - Drums
Jorge Gonzalez - Vocals
Enrique Daniel - Guitar

Produced by: Drowned in Blood
Music by: Antonio Farfan Angeles
Lyrics by: Jorge Gonzalez Avila
Cover artwork by: Federico Ruiz
Layout by: Ruben Avila Gonzalez
Band photography by: Ernesto Montero
Bullets photography by: Ivonne Rendon
The fragments included were taken from the motion pictures: Black Hawk Down and The Thin Red Line

Recording information:

Recorded in Mexico City, Esfera 3 Studios, September 2004.
Mixed and mastered by: Raul Rodriguez L. and Antonio Farfan.
Enginereed by: Raul Rodriguez Lagunez.

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