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Dreams of the Drowned > Thanatotropic Principle
Dreams of the Drowned - Thanatotropic Principle
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Dreams of the Drowned I

Thanatotropic Principle

Dreams of the Drowned

Release date:
March 27th, 2009
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. ...and I Shall Never Be 02:43  
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2. Cultural Abortions / Radical Dreams 04:05  
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3. Used. Youth. Escatophilia. 02:39  
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4. Thanatotropic Principle 02:00  
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5. Vivement le Printemps 04:32  
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6. Liquids of Apathy 02:56  
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7. It Finally Happened 03:27  
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8. Coiled in Wings (Ved Buens Ende cover) 03:52  
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9. Drowned Anthem 06:27  
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Camille All instruments, Vocals
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Promotional EP which served as a preview of the planned full-length album "Longue Vie / Imminent Doom" that was planned to be released on Abridged Pause Recordings. Abridged Pause Recordings subsequently distributed (not re-released) the EP.
Also contains remastered versions of tracks from Demo issued in 2008.

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