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Drawn and Quartered > Crusaders of Blasphemy
Drawn and Quartered - Crusaders of Blasphemy
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Crusaders of Blasphemy

Drawn and Quartered

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Moribund Records
None yet
1. Kill for My Master 04:36   Show lyrics
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2. Worshippers of Total Death 07:21   Show lyrics
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3. Show No Mercy 05:15   Show lyrics
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4. Vengeance of the Unholy Inquisition 03:49  
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5. Crusaders of Blasphemy 05:00  
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Kelley Guitars
Herb Vocals
Dario Drums
Greg Bass
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Recorded with an 8-Track in the band's practice space for promotional use mainly for Moribund Records. It was pressed in limited amount of copies but something with the pressing messed up so the band gave away most of the copies at shows.

Recording information:

Recorded August 2002.

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