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Doomstone > Satanavoid
Doomstone - Satanavoid
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1. Blood Sabbath 05:39  
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2. Die Tonight (Cutty Sark cover) 03:17   Show lyrics
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3. A Call to Sacrilege 00:44   Show lyrics
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4. Welcome to the Ceremony 04:45  
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5. Ultimate Lust 03:35  
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6. Satanavoid 01:48   instrumental
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7. The Bottomless Pit 04:40  
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8. Demonia 04:18  
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9. Fools of the Church 05:23  
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10. Hail Satan! 03:35  
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11. The Fall of Jerusalem 07:31  
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Band members
Blacklord Bass
Cross Turner Upside Downer Drums
Hellstorm Guitars
Priest Killer Vocals
N.A.S.A. 666 Guitars (lead) (on track 4)
N.A.S.A. 666 Guitars (lead) (on track 4)
Read Ugh, no thanks... 19% skinticket November 26th, 2009

Released by Tirade Records on CD (cat. # TR-001)

From liner notes: "A few words to Roberto "Liar" Cannavo of Nosferatu Records... You tried to fool us with your cheats. Now pray out loud we never meet. For this will mean your life must end. So live in fear our never friend!" ~ Doomstone 2000

"We are in no way part of the so-called "black metal movement" of today's weak underground. We hate and despise bands such as Emperor, Cradle of filth, Immortal, and the (?). Unlike these bands we choose our craft out of dedication! Not the need for fame or fortune! This is our blood and music is our spirit. Join us if you will, if not then stand aside for this is our lives and our music!"

Recording information:

Recorded somewhere in the Satanavoid 1997 A.D.

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