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Domkraft > Live at Day of Doom
Domkraft - Live at Day of Doom

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Day of Doom Live

Live at Day of Doom


Live album
Release date:
December 11th, 2020
Catalog ID:
Magnetic Eye Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
Side A
1. The Rift 10:58  
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2. Through the Ashes 08:19  
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3. The Watchers 04:30  
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Side B
4. Meltdown of the Orb 07:23  
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5. Flood 05:21  
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6. Landslide 09:15  
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Miscellaneous staff
JJ Koczan Photography
JJ Koczan Photography
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Recording information:

Recorded at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NYC.

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