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The Final Exhumation


Release date:
November 2018
Catalog ID:
Anti Human Conspiracy
None yet
Side A
1. Exhumation (Intro) 00:29  
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2. Massacred by Slitting 02:37  
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3. The Beast of Csejthe 04:08  
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4. Ultimate Desecration 03:44   instrumental
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5. Stab-Wound Butchery 03:34  
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Side B
6. Abolish the Church 04:47  
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7. Child Abuse 04:12   instrumental
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8. The Eagle of Eli 04:50  
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9. Back to the Beyond (Outro) 00:19  
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Band members
Pascal Bironneau Bass
Laurent Roy Drums
Stéphane Morillon Vocals
Eric Moyen Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Thorncross Cover art
Thorncross Cover art
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4 Track long lost recording from October 19th, 1996

Comes with a Metal Pin

From the inner liner notes:

" the end of 2017, Chris Moyen found a 4 track master tape with 7 songs on it. This recording was done few months before the "Faith Ablation" MCD 1997 in our rehearsal room. Despite some minor flaws due to the age of the cassette, this forgotten material sounded so much more brutal and dynamic than the other recordings that we thought it's a shame we could not include it on the double CD.
Then we decided to visit our local friend Ralph Henry for the mastering. Steph thought about adding vocals on the both instrumental tracks, but was quickly convinced it was not a so good idea because we wanted the recording to sound as close as possible to what it was at the time. Bastien from Anti Human Conspiracy showed a big interest in releasing it on cassette. A new drawing, an old picture, then you hold the result in your hands"

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