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Dies Ater > Rausch der Macht
Dies Ater - Rausch der Macht
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Out of the Dark
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Out of the Dark

Rausch der Macht

Dies Ater

Release date:
February 2004
Catalog ID:
F.O.T.A. EP 001
Version desc.:
Brown vinyl, Limited edition
Fog of the Apocalypse Records
7" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Rausch der Macht (Full Frontal Total War Version) 06:29   Show lyrics
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Side B
2. Filius Tenebrae (Live) 05:07   Show lyrics
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Impurus Drums
Torgrim Guitars
Ole Caust Keyboards
Nuntius Tristis Vocals, Guitars
Obskur Bass
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Recording information:

Rausch der Macht was recorded at the MSP Studio Berlin, 2003.
Filius Tenebrae was recorded live in Teltow, 08 August 2001.

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