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Diablo Blvd > Builders of Empires
Diablo Blvd - Builders of Empires
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Builders of Empires

Diablo Blvd

Release date:
April 29th, 2011
Catalog ID:
[PIAS] Belgium
None yet
1. Between the Hammer and the Holy Cross 05:18   Show lyrics
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2. Builders of Empires 04:24   Show lyrics
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3. Black Heart Bleed 04:05   Show lyrics
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4. Communion 03:06  
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5. Conquer All 02:30  
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6. Saint of Killers 04:32   Show lyrics
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7. Endless Reign 04:24  
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8. Dying Within 03:39  
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9. Watchmen 04:03  
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10. The Fallen 05:52  
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Band members
Tim Bekaert Bass
Kris Martens Drums
Andries Beckers Guitars
Dave Hubrechts Guitars
Alex Agnew Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Ace Zec Producer
Jens Bogren Mixing
Ace Zec Producer
Jens Bogren Mixing
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Official music videos:
—"Saint Of Killers"


Barcode: 5414939263927

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