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Devil Doll > Devil Doll Box
Devil Doll - Devil Doll Box
Devil Doll discography (misc)
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Devil Doll Coffin Set

Devil Doll Box

Devil Doll

Boxed set
Release date:
December 1st, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Japan, Remastered, Limited edition
Hurdy Gurdy Records
None yet
1. The Girl Who Was... Death 01:06:06   Show disc notes
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2. Eliogabalus 45:10   Show disc notes
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3. Sacrilegium 49:16   Show disc notes
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4. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms 01:19:03   Show disc notes
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5. Dies Irae 01:11:45   Show disc notes
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Hand numbered.

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