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Dethroned Emperor

Release date:
October 21st, 2011
Catalog ID:
Human Trafficking
None yet
Side A
1. Intro  
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2. Barely Human  
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3. Symmetry in Chaos  
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4. Crushing Philanthropy  
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5. Grave Tunneller  
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6. Enthralled in Stasis  
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7. In the Dark  
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Side B
8. Population Control pt. 2  
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9. Six Sides Become One  
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10. Pollution Zones  
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11. Mockery of Dignity  
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12. Screens  
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13. Hammer of Satan (Archgoat cover)   Show lyrics
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TG Drums, Vocals
Wraith Guitars, Vocals
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Released by Human Trafficking Records: original release includes a patch and the first 50 copies include a pin.

Track 12 originally off of the 'Bullshit In, Bullshit Out' demo.
Track 13 originally by Archgoat off their album 'Whore of Bethlehem' (Hammer of Hate, 2006)

Recording information:

Recorded Spring 2011 by TG/Pete Lloyd. NY.
All instruments recorded analog. Vocals overdubbed digitally.

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