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Destruction > The Least Successful Human Cannonball
Destruction - The Least Successful Human Cannonball
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All Hell Breaks Loose
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The Butcher Strikes Back

The Least Successful Human Cannonball


Release date:
Catalog ID:
BBC 0715
Brain Butcher
2 reviews (avg. 17%)
1. Formless, Faceless, Nameless 04:27   Show lyrics
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2. Tick on a Tree 05:00   Show lyrics
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3. 263 Dead Popes 03:09   Show lyrics
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4. Cellar Soul 05:47   Show lyrics
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5. God Gifted 04:30   Show lyrics
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6. Autoaggression 03:47   Show lyrics
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7. Hofffmannn's Helll 04:44   Show lyrics
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8. Brother of Cain 04:55   Show lyrics
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9. A Fake Transition 01:33   instrumental
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10. Continental Drift I 02:53   Show lyrics
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11. Continental Drift II 03:41   Show lyrics
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Band members
Michael Piranio Guitars
Christian Engler Bass
Mike Sifringer Guitars
Thomas Rosenmerkel Vocals
Oliver Kaiser Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Thomas Schnitzer Producer, Engineering
Thomas Schnitzer Producer, Engineering
Read The only projectile... 22% autothrall February 22nd, 2011
Read The Royal Seal Of Gayness.... 11% hells_unicorn November 17th, 2009

Third and final release of the Neo-Destruction Era (Destruction without Schmier except for Cracked Brain). The band has retroactively disowned these releases and no longer considers them part of the official discography.

Recording information:

Produced by Destruction and Thomas Schnitzer
Recorded at Studio Tonfisch, Hauenstein, Oct. 97


Matrix / Runout: DADC Austria A0100240106-0101 14 A0

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