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Destroyer Attack > Solve et Coagula
Destroyer Attack - Solve et Coagula
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Solve et Coagula

Destroyer Attack

Release date:
July 13th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Morbid Skull Records
450 copies
None yet
1. Communion of the Black Pest 02:38  
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2. Burying the Name of the Messiah 04:12  
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3. Black Poison Rebirth 02:51  
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4. Purification to the Internal Fire 04:00  
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5. In the Darkness of My Mind 03:18  
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6. Solve et Coagula 02:39  
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7. Ectoplasm 02:50  
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8. Supremacy of the Evil and Chaos 03:28  
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9. Blinded by the Light 02:11  
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10. Xul al ed Rodatrop 02:47  
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11. Necromancy from the Tomb of the Witch 01:58  
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12. Evoking the Hidden Forces 03:07  
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Comes in regular jewel case limited to 450 copies.

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