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Welsh Death Metal Bastards


Release date:
January 2015
Catalog ID:
Grave Wax Records
None yet
1. When the Heart Stops Beating...  
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2. Dig Up, Dig In  
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3. Mutilated Genitalia  
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4. Cemetery SickneSS  
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5. Bacterial Breakdown  
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6. Grave Wax  
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7. Aim, Fire, Kill  
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8. Sadosexual Suicide  
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9. Cemetery Sickness  
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10. Coffin Smasher  
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11. Bacterial Breakdown  
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12. Mutilated Genitalia  
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13. Grave Wax  
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14. Aim, Fire, Kill  
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15. Coffin Smasher (official video)  
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16. Raping the Corpse (lyric video)  
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17. Desecration Slideshow  
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18. Bonesaw (exclusive instrumental karaoke / guitaraoke versions)  
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Ollie Jones Vocals, Guitars
Michael Hourihan Drums
Andi Morris Bass, Vocals (backing)
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Containing the Coffin Smasher video, live footage, us messing around, a picture slideshow containing images of the band over the past 20 years, and even some karaoke and guitaraoke versions of tracks.
Running time 66.6 minutes.
PAL Format

Track 15: Official Video
Track 16: Lyric video
Track 17: Desecration slideshow
Track 18: Exclusive instrumental karaoke / Guitaraoke versions

Recording information:

Tracks 01-07: Live at Obscene Extreme Festival, Trutnov, Czech Republic (2013)
Tracks 08-11: Live at Immortal Bar, Bangkok, Thailand (2014)
Track 12: Live at 'Kin Hell Fest, Leeds, UK (2014)
Tracks 13, 14: Live at Plan B, Moscow, Russia (2013)

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