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Descerebration > Underground Victory
Descerebration - Underground Victory
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Forever Death Metal

Underground Victory


Release date:
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Mutilation Productions
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1. Intro (War Serenade) 01:07   instrumental
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2. Underground Victory 05:21   Show lyrics
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3. Rotten Human Life 03:18   Show lyrics
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4. Extremely Genocide 04:34   Show lyrics
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5. Demonic World Possessed 04:54   Show lyrics
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6. 666 The Symbol of Aberration 04:00   Show lyrics
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7. Unholy Perversions 03:51   Show lyrics
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8. Surviving in Hate 04:42   Show lyrics
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9. Forever Death Metal 05:09   Show lyrics
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Band members
Edson Guerra Vocals, Bass
Rodolfo Scalioni Drums
Rondinelli Batistão Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Edson Guerra Lyrics
Jorge Clapp Producer
Edson Guerra Lyrics
Jorge Clapp Producer
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Intro by Jorge Clapp and Descerebration.
All songs by Descerebration from 1997 to 1999.
Graphic design by (#invalid artist link ID#) and Erika Betty.

Recording information:

Produced by Jorge Clapp and Descerebration from 07/06/01 to 07/12/01 in Aquarela Studios (Araxá, Minas Gerais).

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