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Desaster / Pentacle > Desaster... in League with... Pentacle
Desaster / Pentacle - Desaster... in League with... Pentacle
Desaster discography (misc)
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Souls of Infernity
Desaster discography (all)
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Souls of Infernity
Pentacle discography (misc)
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Ancient Death

Desaster... in League with... Pentacle

Desaster / Pentacle

Release date:
Catalog ID:
I.P. 009
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Iron Pegasus Records
10" vinyl
933 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Desaster - A Serpent in Bloodred (Pentacle cover) 03:46  
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2. Desaster - Hell-Born 03:18  
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Side B
3. Pentacle - In a Winter Battle (Desaster cover) 05:01   Show lyrics
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4. Pentacle - Soul's Blood 05:29  
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Infernal Guitars
Odin Bass
Tormentor Drums
Okkulto Vocals
Wannes Gubbels Vocals, Bass
Mike Verhoeven Guitars
Marc Nelissen Drums
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500 numbered copies on black vinyl,
333 copies numbered copies on "Pussy-Pink" vinyl,
100 numbered copies on picture vinyl (only through the label mailorder).

Recording information:

Pentacle tracks recorded at Harrow Productions, Losser, The Netherlands.

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