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Der Stürmer > Exalted in War
Der Stürmer - Exalted in War
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Der Stürmer / Malsaint / Blutkult

Exalted in War

Der Stürmer

Release date:
March 18th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Darkness Attack Records
200 copies
None yet
Side A - War
1. Those Who Lived and Died Like Heroes 03:30   Show lyrics
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2. They've Got Attacked by the Werewolves 02:30   Show lyrics
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3. Dawning Israel's Perdition 03:22   Show lyrics
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4. Forces of Tradition 03:02   Show lyrics
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5. Adolf der Große 03:48   Show lyrics
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Side B - Exaltation
6. Μεγάλη Ελλάς 02:45   Show lyrics
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7. Mors Triumphalis 02:43   Show lyrics
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8. Götterdämmerung 02:40   Show lyrics
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9. Judas Burning 02:36   Show lyrics
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10. Antiochos Antitheos 03:03   Show lyrics
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11. Himmelstürmer 02:50   Show lyrics
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Band members
Hjarulv Henker Guitars
Jarl von Hagall Vocals
Athalwolf Drums
Miscellaneous staff
DM Engineering
Athalwolf Drums
DM Engineering
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Recording information:

Recorded live in studio on 21/10/2016.

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