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Enjoy or Die!!

Depression / Hierba

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1. Depression - Eroded Epitaph  
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2. Depression - Blood on God's Hands  
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3. Depression - Dogmatize  
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4. Depression - Bitch  
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5. Depression - Defaced  
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6. Depression - Boneyard (Impetigo cover)   Show lyrics
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7. Depression - Infection  
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8. Depression - Eroded Epitaph  
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9. Depression - Greet the Corpses  
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10. Depression - Short Son (Part II)  
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11. Depression - Seven Feet Under  
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12. Depression - Blood on God's Hands  
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13. Depression - Infection  
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14. Hierba - Untitled  
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Split Tape with spanish band Hierba (limited to some copies).
Hierba's side comes without a tracklist or titles.

"Enjoy or die!" is a compilation of old rehearsals and "live at the practice room" out-takes recorded during summer and autumn 1995. It was never meant to be released officially, but...

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