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World Cremation

Denouncement Pyre

Release date:
August 30th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Hells Headbangers Records
2 reviews (avg. 75%)
1. Black Womb of Magdelene 04:23  
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2. The Flesh of Thy Master 03:49  
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3. Purification 03:58  
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4. Coven of Diabolical Prophecies 04:59  
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5. Engulfed Temples 03:29  
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6. Salvation, the Fading Light 04:12  
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7. A Banner Drenched in Blood 04:43  
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8. Invination of Poison 07:01  
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Band members
Decaylust Guitars, Bass, Vocals
InVotan Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Andrei Bouzikov Cover art
J. Eradicator Mixing, Engineering
Decaylust Guitars, Bass, Vocals
InVotan Drums
Andrei Bouzikov Cover art
J. Eradicator Mixing, Engineering
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Coverart by Andrei Bouzikov (

Channelled and recorded in esoteric darkness from October 2009 until February 2010.
Mixed and engineered at Burning Leather Studios by J. Eradicator and Denouncement Pyre.
Various imagery courtesy of T.O.T.B.F. (Temple of the Black Flame).
Mastered by David Williams at A.CD Masters.

CD released by HHR, limitation unknown.
DPCD to be released by HHR, limited to 1000 copies
[Cartridge no: 2010 / HELLS 051]
Disc: HH2787 B0692B

GFLP released by HHR on white vinyl with a patch, 18" x 24" poster and printed inner sleeve, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
GFLP released by HHR on black vinyl with a 18" x 24" poster and printed inner sleeve, limitation unknown.

Black vinyl test pressing, not sold to the public - 5 copies.

Tape version released in June 2012 by Satanic Records, limited to 300 copies.

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