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Demontage > Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy
Demontage - Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy

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The Principal Extinction
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The Principal Extinction

Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy


Release date:
August 31st, 2006
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Pro CD-R
Unsung Heroes Records
1 review (avg. 85%)
1. Heavy Metal Miscreants 05:58   Show lyrics
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2. Desastrophies of War 08:45   Show lyrics
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3. Mutation Meltdown 08:32   Show lyrics
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4. The Black Brew 07:18   Show lyrics
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5. Carrion Race 05:03   Show lyrics
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6. Demontage 10:00   Show lyrics
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Spatilomantis (S.o.S.) Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Abominatrix Drums, Vocals (lead) (on tracks 2, 6), Vocals (backing) (on tracks 1, 3, 5)
Pervertis Bass
Read Dark, varied, and complex... 85% vorfeed February 14th, 2007

Some of the compositions, or parts of them, on this album date back as far as 2001. They have been actively worked on as a full band since early 2004, around the time the demo "Madness Disease" was just released. A couple of the songs feature reworkings of musical themes originally designed for another project entitled Gaurhoth.

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered in March 2006.

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