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Demonoid > Riders of the Apocalypse
Demonoid - Riders of the Apocalypse

Riders of the Apocalypse


Release date:
July 26th, 2004
Catalog ID:
NB 1314-2 / 27361 13142
Version desc.:
Nuclear Blast
4 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. Wargods 05:50   Show lyrics
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2. Firestorms 03:30   Show lyrics
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3. Witchburners 04:31   Show lyrics
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4. 14th Century Plague 03:23   Show lyrics
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5. Hunger My Consort 05:01   Show lyrics
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6. The Evocation 05:13   Show lyrics
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7. Arrival of the Horsemen 06:17   Show lyrics
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8. End of Our Times 04:01   Show lyrics
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9. Death 09:18   Show lyrics
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Read Lead guitar of the apocalypse 79% BloodIronBeer November 12th, 2012
Read Starvation is my favorite... 75% linkavitch August 26th, 2009
Read The Arrival of the Horsemen 90% demonomania April 4th, 2007
Read Not what I hoped for, still... 83% Corimngul November 10th, 2004

Concept album, about the 4 Biblical Riders of the Apocalypse: War, Plague, Starvation & Death who are all the mightiest of the destructive Gods. The first part of the album observes the various atrocities by mankind, and the punishments (plagues, earthquakes, wars...) by the Gods who tried to redeem them throughout the ages. The second part tells of the mighty evocation of the riders by a secret religious cabal, and the Rider's final war against mankind. The last part is where the whole of humankind is eradicated, save for one man, who will walk the aftermath of plague, war, starvation and death - unable to breed... destined to die as the last of his kind.

The Promo CD-R that got sent around in 2003 contained a different cover.

Recording information:

Recorded December 2002, mixed January 2003 & mastered February 2003 at Modern Art Studios.
Produced by Demonoid.

The booklet states (exact words):
"All drums are acoustic, no fucking samples or triggers were used".


Barcode: 7 27361 13142 5

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