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New Live & Rare (Live in Europe 1969-1971)

Deep Purple

Live album
Release date:
Catalog ID:
PUR 209
Purple Records
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1. Wring That Neck 15:05   instrumental
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2. Child in Time 09:35   Show lyrics
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3. Black Night 03:08   Show lyrics
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4. Strange Kind of Woman 10:30   Show lyrics
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5. Into the Fire 04:07   Show lyrics
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6. Demon's Eye 09:03   Show lyrics
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7. Wring That Neck 09:50   instrumental
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8. Mandrake Root 10:19   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ian Paice Drums, Percussion
Roger Glover Bass, Vocals
Ian Gillan Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore Guitars
Jon Lord (R.I.P. 2012) Keyboards, Organ
Miscellaneous staff
Nick Watson Mastering
Ian Paice Drums, Percussion
Roger Glover Bass, Vocals
Ian Gillan Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore Guitars
Jon Lord (R.I.P. 2012) Keyboards, Organ
Nick Watson Mastering
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All the material on this release comes from the classic second Deep Purple line up of Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord and Paice, who recorded the band's most famous trio of albums; Deep Purple In Rock, Fireball and Machine Head. Despite their success on stage little material from the band's live shows was ever released at the time, despite this being the area where the group made their name. The tracks span the years 1969 to 1971 and include several unique performances..

"Wring That Neck" (recorded Live 24.08.1969 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) was recorded for the band's second album in 1968, which had only just had its UK release at the time of this performance from Amsterdam in August 1969. It's from the second earliest live recording of MK2 line-up known to exist.

"Child in Time" (recorded Live 14.07.1970 in Manchester, The United Kingdom) with the success of 'In Rock' the group were in demand for radio and TV across Europe. Some TV appearances were mimed but on occasions, as here in July 1970, the band were able to cut loose and perform live.

"Black Night" (recorded Live 9.09.1970 in London, The United Kingdom) this alternate version of their top five UK hit single was specially recorded for them to mime to on TV in September 1970.

"Strange Kind of Woman" (recorded Live 30.07.1971 in Long Beach, The United States) a gig at Long Beach Arena at the end of July 1971 was bootlegged - a sign of the band's growing status in the USA.

"Into the Fire" and "Demon's Eye" (recorded Live 1.09.1971 in Berlin, Germany) these two numbers were done for an appearance in Germany in 1971, before the UK Fireball tour kicked off. It's a rare instance of the album track 'Demon's Eye' being done live.

"Wring That Neck" and "Mandrake Root" (recordedLive 22.08.1969 in Bilzen, Belgium) Deep Purple appeared at an open air festival in Belgium in August 1969, some of which was recorded, the earliest known recording of the mk2 line-up. Although the opening few minutes of the two tracks are sadly lost, what remains features some astonishingly intense playing from the band.

Release on vinyl by Darker Than Blue Records.
DTB102 - 5 022911 102312 - 2XLP


Barcode: 5022911209315

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