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Heavy Metal Pioneers

Deep Purple

Release date:
Catalog ID:
8536 50265-3
Warner Music Vision
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1. Woman from Tokyo (opening credits) 08:05   Show lyrics
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2. Hush (Billy Joe Royal cover) (Live 23.10.1968 in Los Angeles, The United States) 06:36   Show lyrics
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3. Speed King (Live 14.07.1970 in Manchester, The United Kingdom) 01:19   Show lyrics
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4. Black Night (Live 1.03.1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark) 02:40   Show lyrics
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5. Child in Time (Live 14.071970 in Manchester, The United Kingdom) 02:32   Show lyrics
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6. Strange Kind of Woman (Live 1.03.1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark) 05:08   Show lyrics
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7. Smoke on the Water (Live 6.04.1974 in Ontario, The United States) 05:54   Show lyrics
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8. Highway Star (Live 1.03.1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark) 07:35   Show lyrics
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9. Burn (Live 6.04.1974 in Ontario, The United States) 07:03   Show lyrics
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10. Stormbringer 03:19   Show lyrics
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11. Perfect Strangers (Live 1985) 04:03   Show lyrics
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12. King of Dreams 03:10   Show lyrics
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Ian Gillan Vocals
Rod Evans Vocals
David Coverdale Vocals
Joe Lynn Turner Vocals
Ritchie Blackmore Guitars
Jon Lord (R.I.P. 2012) Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
Glenn Hughes Bass, Vocals
Roger Glover Bass, Vocals
Nick Simper Bass, Vocals
Ian Paice Drums, Percussion
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1991 VHS release, also appeared on DVD in 2001.

Various interviews are spliced in as well.

"Stormbringer" is studio version played over live pictures from the "Rises over Japan" video.

Recording information:

Hush was recorded at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion in 1968.


Barcode: 08536-50265-37

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