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1420 Beachwood Drive: The California Rehearsals Pt 2

Deep Purple

Release date:
April 2000
Catalog ID:
PUR 201
Purple Records
None yet
1. Drifter (version 2) 03:40   Show lyrics
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2. Sail Away Riff 02:50   instrumental
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3. You Keep on Moving (take one) 08:18   Show lyrics
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4. Pirate Blues (jam) 06:45   instrumental
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5. Say You Love Me 07:25   Show lyrics
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Mail-order only release of further recordings from the Days May Come and Days May Go: The California Rehearsals June 1975 rehearsal sessions.
Both CDs were deleted in 2007 and released as a 2 CD set.

"Say You Love Me" was eventually recorded by David Coverdale on a solo album following Deep Purple's demise.

David Coverdale plays guitar on track #2

Recording information:

Recorded at The Record Plant Studios, California, June 1975.


Barcode: 5022911201319

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