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Decoherence / Traitor > You're in Your Sight
Decoherence / Traitor - You're in Your Sight
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You're in Your Sight

Decoherence / Traitor

Release date:
October 4th, 2005
Catalog ID:
NEKRO - N.A. 01
Nekromantik Records
None yet
1. Decoherence - The Cabalistic Show 03:47  
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2. Decoherence - Ode to Joy 03:10  
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3. Decoherence - Synopsis Prosaique 03:56  
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4. Traitor - The Bloodpact Between War and Terror 02:42  
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5. Traitor - Genocide of the Voiceless 01:57  
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6. Traitor - Cut Down 02:42  
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7. Traitor - Overcome by Impotence 02:22  
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Philippe Allemant Guitars
Yann Levenot Bass
Philippe Marques Vocals
Christophe Vachez Guitars
Riad Hajjar Drums
Antonio Donadeo Drums
Andrea Litti Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
Chris Montagna Vocals
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Split released in cooperation with label Necrotorture Agency.

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